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Most major manufactures and leading clothing brands have already switched or are in the process of switching to 3D rendered sketches, and here's why:

  • 3D visualization of clothes gives a picture as close as possible to reality, which eliminates unpleasant surprises in the form of incorrect proportions when developing a model, because designers, when drawing an artistic sketch by hand, always slightly embellish the figure, making the legs longer, the waist thinner, etc., as a result, greatly changing the proportions of the figure, which affects the final result: it looks beautiful on the sketch, but not in reality;
  • 3D clothing design makes the release of a new model as fast and simple as possible, minimizing the need for tailoring mock-ups and samples. Without 3D, patterns are made on the approved sketch, the layout is sewn, adjustments are made to the patterns (the patterns are never obtained from the first time according to ordinary sketches), the layout is sewn off again, adjustments to the patterns again, and this can go on for a very long time, until finally the idea is brought to a competitive level. 3D visualization helps to significantly reduce the tailoring of layouts and the finishing of patterns, because the most accurate dimensions of the product are given and the most accurate picture of how the product should look on a person, which can be adjusted before the development of patterns;
  • A 3D sketch gives a picture that is as clear as possible and accessible for discussion and approval in large companies;
  • A 3D sketch of clothes makes it possible to choose accessories, including buttons, and clearly see the details;
  • A 3D sketch of clothes makes it possible to choose the color combinations of the image as accurately as possible and even try on a fabric print (in some cases, the print does not always fit well: for example, too small polka dots can visually enlarge the figure and without 3D it can be seen only after the sample has been sewn, and this time and money;
  • when working with 3D sketches of clothes, it is possible to try on pictures, logos, and most importantly, mark as accurately as possible, and not by eye, a place for printing / embroidery in such a way that you get a live result similar to a 3D layout: this reduces the likelihood that a picture or logo will go where - something will move out;
  • with 3D modeling and visualization of clothes, you can clearly see the assortment matrix of the collection and make changes without unnecessary tailoring of layouts and samples (+ time and money);
  • You can view a 3D sketch from all sides and even order a 360-degree video of it.

Do artistic sketches of clothes by hand give such an opportunity?

Professionals in their field

we analyze the customer's task, target audience, competitors in terms of technical specifications, offer the best ideas


work under the contract, we do not disappear, we are in touch with the customer


we understand how important it is for the customer to get results in a timely manner, we work as quickly as possible

we value the customer's time

do not pull endless questions and clarifications unnecessarily

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