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3D fashion digital designer by Verderevskaya virtual design studio

The digital design studio VERDEREVSKAYA offers the services of a virtual 3D fashion and home textile designer.

You can order 3D design of:

  • men's and women's clothing,
  • sports and football uniforms,
  • corporate (company) uniforms and uniforms for staff,
  • clothing design for video game characters,
  • home textile.
A professional fashion designer with over 15 years of experience in design, with knowledge of production and tailoring technologies, will help create a beautiful, commercially successful collection of men's, women's, children's, home, sports and other clothing that meets the needs of the target audience, in accordance with the technical task and wishes of the customer.

Both the development of the design of clothing collections and the modeling of clothing items to order are available. It is also possible to order to develop the design of a corporate uniform, promotional clothing, merchandise, design of t-shirts and uniforms.

Cooperation with a clothing designer takes place online: the customer sends the necessary data to fulfill the order, after which the clothing designer analyzes the data, analyzes the target audience and the design of competitors in a given direction, after which the clothing designer forms an idea, on the basis of which he later creates sketches, after which he provides selection of design options in the form of 3D visualization.

The services of a clothing designer, by additional agreement with the customer, may also include the compilation of a commercially successful assortment matrix of the collection, the development of color palettes for the collection, and it is also possible to order the modeling, development and design of a unique print for fabric, which will help make each product unique.

 The cost of the services of a fashion designer of digital clothes is calculated individually and depends on the complexity of the order.

Contact us to ask questions, send the terms of reference and calculate the cost of the order based on the terms of reference is possible through contacts

Professionals in their field

we analyze the customer's task, target audience, competitors in terms of technical specifications, offer the best ideas


work under the contract, we do not disappear, we are in touch with the customer


we understand how important it is for the customer to get results in a timely manner, we work as quickly as possible

we value the customer's time

do not pull endless questions and clarifications unnecessarily

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